Globsol 2016 - valta ja vaikuttaminen

Pär Lager


Pär Lager on toimitusjohtaja sekä konserninjohtaja yhdessä Ruotsin ja Norjan suurimmissa koulutuskonserneissa. Tämän lisäksi hän on monen yrityksen ja organisaation hallitusten jäsen. Hän on myös toiminut mm. Berghs School of Communicationin toimitusjohtajana. Vuonna 2015 Pär on ollut mukana perustamassa sosiaalista yritystä, joka tekee työtä Tansaniassa peruskouluissa e-oppimisen puolesta. 

Pär on myös hallituksen jäsen Suomalais-ruotsalaisessa kulttuurirahastossa, joka on alun perin tehnyt aloitteen Globsolin perustamisesta.

Irena Pozar


Irena Pozar, 24, on Veckorevyn-lehden päätoimittaja sekä Bonniers lehtien Social Media Manager. Aikaisemmin hän on tehnyt töitä toimittajana ja kolumnistina Expressen-lehdessä, sekä sivustolla Nyheter24.  Irena luennoi perjantain Evening Talk -osuudessa.

Ronja Salmi


Ronja Salmi, 23, on yrittäjä, kirjailija, käsikirjoittaja sekä ikäluokkansa kokenein tv-juontaja. Ronja on tehnyt monipuolisesti toimittajan töitä, sekä toiminut pitkään sisältömanagerina, tapahtumatuottajana ja copywriterina. Ronja pitää Globsolissa lauantain Evening Talk -osuuden. 


Workshop 1: Power structures and beyond

Is it easier for different people or groups to take part of the power in society than others? How much does our identity and social status affect the way we are treated and the opportunities we get? How can we visualize and remove oppression and discrimination? This workshop deals with power, normcritisim and on being an ally. 

Workshop leaders: Ailin Mi (SWE) & Marian Abdulkarim (FIN)

Workshop 2: How to change the world? Start with yourself! Workshop on power, normcriticsm and on being an ally.

What is power? Who's got influence in society? In this workshop we'll examine power and influence, who is making the decisions and how power is visible and affects us on different levels. We'll look closely at economic, politic and media's power and how they affect each other. Also lobbying and the the individual person's influence will be discussed along with lists over the most powerful influencers in Finland and Sweden.

During the workshop the participants will model power and influence and analyze how power is mirrored in TV-series, presidental elections and social media. We'll learn about influential campaigns both in Finland and Sweden.

Workshop leaders: Noora Löfström (FIN) & Emelie Weski (SWE)


Get the tools you need to create the change that you want. In this workshop we think about power and leadership. Inside access power vs. people power. Real leadership vs. bureaucracy. You will learn about the ladder of engagement, messaging, storytelling as a part of leadership and think about which tactics to use to win your cause. You will work on own campaign to push forward the issues you care about, craft a strategy on how to build power and create a mass campaign (don’t worry – you don’t need to come prepared). 

Workshop leaders: Mikael Brunila (FIN) & Jakob Ohlson (SWE)

Workshopledare 2016

Jakob Ohlsson


Jakob Ohlsson is the founder of Reform Act, Scandinavia’s only agency focused on political campaigns. Jakob has over ten years of experience working with digital communication, and five years focused solely on member driver or member owned organisations or campaigns. He is a frequent lecturer on political campaigns, advocacy campaigns and grassroots fundraising.

Jakob is also one of the founders and the chair of the board of Skiftet – Sweden’s leading online first progressive campaigning organisation and the Sister organisation of similar groups such as MoveOn, GetUp and 38 Degrees. And he started a company that produced the first jeans in North Korea, ever.

Noora Löfström


Noora Löfström works as an expert of international affairs at Alianssi, the umbrella organization for youth organizations in Finland since 2016. Before that she worked in Brussels for four years, at the Erasmus Student Network and the office of the European Liberals. I've studied social sciences, attended several leadership courses, danced and runned but right now I'm trying to be inspired by yoga.  

Emelie Weski


Emelie Weski is the ‎Secretary General at The Norden Association Youth League - ‎FNUF. She holds a MA in International Humanitarian Action with the NOHA-network, incl. human rights-research and has been a part of a project management-internship in Colombia. Previously, she's been a representant at the Nordic Youth Council and the Nordic Council and worked as a coordinator for gender equality project in Amnesty International, Sweden. 

Maryan Abdulkarim


Maryan Abdulkarim is a freelance writer and activist based in Helsinki. She loves cat's and mango's. Abdulkarim is interested in society and endlessly curious about people and interactions in public spaces. This is Abdulkarim's third time working with Globsol. 

Mikael Brunila


My political aha moment, the event that ‘changed everything’ for me, was when the Danish police evicted and demolished the cultural center Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen in 2007. That put me on a path of squatting and all sorts of mayhem for several years. Since then I’ve worked several years as a journalist with papers like Hufvudstadsbladet and Taloussanomat and have co-authored books on the Finnish far-right, zero tolerance and graffiti in Helsinki as well as the politics of the internet.

Currently I work as a researcher in the project Learning in Productive Social Movements at the University of Helsinki. In my spare time I practice coding and try to keep track of odd producers and labels on Soundcloud. I’ve travelled at every opportunity in life, and spent longer periods of time in New York, Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin.

Ailin Moaf Mirlashari


Ailin Moaf Mirlashari, 24 years old, is a socionom, activist and artist. Founder of the intersectional feminist network and organization StreetGäris.

I was born in the northern suburbs of Stockholm. My parents' escape to Sweden and the struggle for human rights and an equal democratic society have affected my upbringing, and made me aware of unjustice and structural differences in society. This has inspired me to create change, if not in the whole world, at least at where I'm at to the better!