(2014) Millennium goals and the 2015-process

Vuoden 2014 Globsol oli myös Suomen  YK-liiton 60-vuotisjuhla ja Globsolin 10-vuotisjuhla.

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Työryhmät 2014

1 Köyhyys

Rosa Puhakainen-Mattila (SUOMI) & Ulrika Rönnmark (RUOTSI)

Today more than one billion people live in extreme poverty. Nearly one milliard people are suffering from chronic hunger, most of them are children. More than 3 million people are dying as a consequence of poor sanitation. The number of people living in slums, without decent living conditions is estimated to rise up till 1.4 billion by the year 2020. How can we and the world address these issues in the post 2015 global development agenda? What should be done? Who is supposed to take action? What is your role? Poverty has many faces and is strongly interlinked with other global challenges and human rights questions. In this workshop we will discuss what poverty is, looking into different aspects in a local, national, regional and global level. The workshop will also tackle the structural challenges and define the steps and statements needed for a change to take place.

2 Koulutus ja työllisyys

Minttu Massinen (SUOMI) & Albert Askeljung (RUOTSI)

3 Maapallon kestävyyden rajat – ilmastonmuutos

Henni Axelin (SUOMI) & Oleg Izyumenko (RUOTSI)

Climate change, loss of biodiversity and over-exploitation of natural resources are all threatening the human civilisation today as well as the well-being of future generations. The set of nine planetary boundaries can be seen as a precondition to avoid catastrophic environmental change. The concept of planetary boundaries is closely interlinked with the idea of sustainable development. As the climate change impacts the poorest people the most,  it threatens to make development achievements empty. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) did not address the environmental aspect of development adequately.  It is important that the new Sustainable Development Goals (to be agreed on in 2015) respect the planetary boundaries. In the workshop you will gain more knowledge on planetary boundaries and climate change. We will work on your vision for the near future and develop concrete statements to be forwarded to decision-makers.

4. Rauha ja turvallisuus – yhteiskunnan rakentuminen

Tytti Matsinen (SUOMI) & Katharina Stark (RUOTSI)

This workshop was about peace, security and community building. We define what leads communities and societies into conflict and what keeps up stable and peaceful societies. Through various activities and shared experiences we will discuss our role in peace and community building. How can we build peace in our local community? How about the global context? This workshop will be conversational and interactive as everyone already has valuable knowledge to share - even if you don't know it yet!